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Story: Coming along quite well. Kind of getting blocked, but all in all its off to a nice start but unknown of when it will be up.

Pictures: Being drawn, and starting to get more into the other pride members. Meaning, there will be a lot more pictures of the secondary characters and of course, the ones which play a larger role in the pride.


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The name 'Naborhi' is an Urhobo term, meaning "Be Born With Good Destiny". The leaders of this pride, King Tendai and Queen Zuri, believed that this was a steady and sturdy name to build a family on with the name being so optimistic and strong.

The members of this pride, including King Tendai and Queen Zuri, include:
-Adeola, the oldest daughter of the King and Queen.
-Afolabi, the oldest son of the King and Queen.
-Neobi…, the youngest son of the King and Queen.
-Malaika, the youngest daughter of the King and Queen.
-Bezz'i, the king's best friend, head patrol (before Buziba), Rika's father.
-Vasha head huntress, Rika's mother.
-Buziba, Adeola's mate and head patrol.
-Rika, the second in command in the pride.
-Auzhane, Rika's mate.
-Reth, Rika's best friend and the King's consultant.
-Jasira, Rika's best female friend and Neobi's mate.
-Chenzi, pride's elder female, helps cub-sit.
-Hakika, Chenzi's twin sister, helps cub-sit.
-Ife, cub-sitter.
-Kashore, cub-sitter, Kayode's half-sister.
-Kayode, cub-sitter, Kashore's half-brother.
-Sy, second-in-command hunter.
(A lioness named Tayri who is Auzhane's best friend was exiled from the pride.)
~Zayar, the captured Outlander male.
~Aber, the captured Outlander female, Zayar's mother.
Cubs are not included in this list.

The sister pride that Buziba came from, named the 'Obogan Pride', which is another Urhobo term meaning "Be Strong To Survive", is in close communications and bond with the Naborhi pride, as they are dependent on each other for many different reasons (ex. battle, reports of strange behavior, breeding, ect.) The King of the Obogan pride is Duna, widowed from his queen Lesedi, who was killed by humans for her fair colored pelt. In Duna's pride, there are an array of lionesses and lions, such as:
-Kioja, Reth's younger sister, the head lioness.
-Eshe, the head huntress.
-Juwayria, Duna's daughter (older sibling).
-Jengo, Duna's son (youngest sibling).
-Nubia, Jengo's mate.
-Lusala, Juwayria's mate, Buziba's younger brother.
-Ngozi, pride's elder female, Zuberi's mate, helps what the cubs.
-Zuberi, pride's elder male, Ngozi's mate, helps watch the cubs.
-Shelle, cub-sitter.
-Mkweli, cub-sitter, Buziba's younger sister.
Cubs are not included in this list.
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